Welcome to the Spiraling Up Blog!

Spiraling Up is my life and loss coaching practice.  I specialize in grief and bereavement, but that includes all kinds of grief, not just the result of a death. My website can be visited at http://www.spiralingup.net.  I am a certified professional coach (CPC) trained by the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) and a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF).

This blog is brand new and represents an exciting opportunity to share my thoughts on life and on the change and loss we experience on a daily basis.  I hope those thoughts will be of interest and benefit to all my visitors.

About Charlotte Foust, CPC

Certified Professional Coach specializing in Grief
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2 Responses to Welcome to the Spiraling Up Blog!

  1. I appreciate your interest in the life events that happen to so many of us … loss, grief and the often strong desire we humans have to go on.

  2. Randy Taylor Financial Services says:

    I think you are performing a valuable service. I will follow your blog and recommend that you syndicate it for free via Networked blogs. http://www.lifeandannuitysite.com

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