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One Taste

In Buddhism there is a concept referred to as “one taste”, and it is something that can be used effectively by anyone, not just Buddhists.  One taste describes having the same level of emotional response to the bad as to … Continue reading

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Visualize, or Imagine?

I tripped over my mental dictionary this morning and I noticed a subtle difference in my internal response to two words: visualize and imagine.  Both of them mean to form a mental image, but my analytic brain struggles with the word visualize, … Continue reading

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In The Beginning …

When I was eleven, my grandfather died. That was the first major loss of my life, and perhaps the most definitive. I was an only child, surrounded by adults. I spent my after-school hours with my grandparents while my parents … Continue reading

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Untapped Reservoirs of Pain

No matter how many years you may stare yourself in the face, work through endless therapy sessions and so forth, you can always find an unknown, untapped reservoir of pain in your heart. When we find ourselves stuck and weeping … Continue reading

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The Heart of Grief

The heart of grief is pain. It may be the subtle pain of missing someone or the raw anguish of new bereavement, but it is the atomic particle of loss. It hurts when a piece of our life is ripped … Continue reading

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When Your Heart Breaks Open

We often speak of hearts being broken, meaning unbearable pain from some sort of loss. But there is a state beyond heartbreak, which I call broken open. It’s the state you reach when you accept your losses and make them … Continue reading

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“Recovery” From Grief

A recent study says that the majority of bereaved individuals recover from bereavement within two years without any counseling, therapy, or coaching.  I have several issues with that conclusion, the primary one being that bereavement is not a disease that … Continue reading

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The Price of Admission

I was reading Stephen Levine’s book, Unattended Sorrow, when I was struck by a statement he made: We are learning to live with the consequences of love.  So we must bear loss as deeply as we cared. There it is, … Continue reading

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What is it that makes you feel generous?  Do you give a dollar to a panhandler and assume it will go for drink or drugs?  Do you put a dollar in the collection plate because it’s expected?  Those may look … Continue reading

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Tolerance and Acceptance

I recently had an interesting discussion on tolerance, prompted by a remark of mine that my partner and I have entirely different religious views.  “How can you like someone whose ideas are so radically different,”  I was asked.  This brought … Continue reading

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